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Official Golfers Instant Rewards Partner of the NGCOA​

Instant Rewards embedded in your green fee! You can celebrate ANY shot a golfer makes, even shots they didn't mean to hit! Mulligans, mistakes and miss hits earn instant credit and prizes. Those shots cascade into instant larger databases, real time feedback and guaranteed increased revenue for your facility.

Green fees are now more valuable because customers can buy a better golf experience. You can add instant rewards to any green fee.

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Golf Surprize Green Fee

A Golf Surprize Green Fee includes a number of opportunities per round to earn up to $500 instant credit to spend in the pro shop or facility for ANY shot a customer makes on the course. 60 out of 500 customers win and spend their winnings at a rate of 2.6 times.


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Target Scores

A Target Score is a score to equal or beat to win credit to spend at the course. This product is for handicap play and tournaments. The challenge  of playing golf is not only about beating other golfers all the time, it's also about beating your handicap ability and the course.


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Know Your Players

Grow your database instantly using mobile numbers. Capture the player's name, email and mobile without the need to ask for those details. A current database everyday. It is all part of the Golf Surprize Green Fee and there are no extra costs.


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Get Instant Feedback

Gather realtime feedback from players. In order to win Golf Surprize players answer 6 questions (via text) about their round, your service, or any questions you'd like them to answer. Instant feedback generates more revenue and also saves on operational costs.


Imagine at player check-in tomorrow your staff says…

”We want to celebrate how you play today, so your green fee includes 6 opportunities to earn up to $500 to spend instantly. Any shot can win, even shots you didn’t mean to hit!”……

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No Credit Card Required to Get Started:

  • Once you enter your player's mobile numbers, you can begin to generate revenue instantly
  • Set up in 15 minutes, and you only pay when you use it
  • Plans starting at $___ per round

100% of golfers agree they'll hit unexpected shots.

Your customers buy an experience and we want to make it better using simple technology like, the mobile number.

The credit won is spent at a rate of 2.6 times inside your operation! There is no better way to attract and build LOYAL CUSTOMERS, than by loading their green fees with enormous extra value!

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